Boundless Tax Featured in Business News Daily

This morning, Boundless Tax and CEO Dane Janas, EA were featured in Business News Daily. We were highlighted in a blog post giving professional advice on how to properly open a business in Pennsylvania. (That’s where we’re from!)

“Instead of graduated tax rates like most of our border states, Pennsylvania enforces a flat 9.99% corporate tax rate and 3.07% individual tax rate,” said Dane Janas, owner of Boundless Bookkeeping and Accounting. “Our firm is currently legally structured as a single-member LLC, which is treated as a disregarded entity for federal and state tax purposes, thereby enforcing lower individual tax rates on our business.”

You can read the entire article here.

We welcome this honor and thank Business News Daily for this feature! This is the first time Boundless Tax has been featured in Business News Daily.

About Business News Daily (from their website):

Whether it’s a food truck or a fashion line, a coffee shop or a consulting firm, Business News Daily’s goal is to help entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams and to assist anyone working in a small business make smart decisions about products, services and ideas. Our reporting style is simple: We seek insights and advice from experts and then stick to the basics by bringing you concise, actionable information business owners can use to make the daily decisions required to start and grow their businesses.

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