How to Read your W-2 (Feature by Chime Bank)

A recent online article by Chime Bank featured Boundless Tax and CEO Dane Janas, EA. In the article, we answer a common question: how to read your W-2 from your employer.

In this article, we talk about how to read a Form W-2, a statement that most individuals receive each year. We describe what the various boxes mean and how to interpret them. For instance, we share ways to obtain your W-2 if it gets lost. In addition, we talk about how to double-check the calculations on your W-2 to ensure they’re correct. If you suspect they aren’t, we also inform you on how to obtain a corrected W-2 from your employer (W-2C).

Here’s a snippet of our feature in the article:

“It’s essentially a standardized form that states what you’ve made this year from your employer and the amounts of federal income tax, social security tax and Medicare tax that were withheld from your wages,” says Dane Janas, an IRS-licensed enrolled agent, and the owner and CEO of Boundless Tax.

Read the entire article on Chime Bank’s website here.

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Boundless Tax thanks Chime Bank for this opportunity!

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