We're licensed and certified in every service we provide.

Whether you're looking for tax services or a payroll provider, Boundless is licensed in every one of our business areas.

Enrolled Agents (EAs)

Enrolled Agents are America's tax professionals. We are licensed directly by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and have "unlimited rights of practice" before the IRS and related state and local taxation authorities. This means the tax professionals at Boundless can not only prepare and file your tax returns, but can represent you before the IRS and other taxation authorities, as well as respond to those pesky tax notices on your behalf. To become Enrolled Agents, all of our tax professionals must pass a rigorous 3-part examination administered by the IRS. This is taken over the course of one year or more, encompassing and testing a wealth of tax knowledge on individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Once licensed, all Enrolled Agents must comply with equally rigorous Continuing Education (CE) requirements to ensure we are staying up-to-date with the latest changes in tax rules, laws, and regulations. We welcome our clients to verify our tax professionals' Enrolled Agent licensure. To verify, click here to access the IRS database.

Quickbooks ProAdvisors

All expert bookkeepers at Boundless are also licensed Quickbooks ProAdvisors in Quickbooks Online (QBO). The Quickbooks ProAdvisor designation is issued directly by Intuit, the software company behind Quickbooks (as well as TurboTax and budgeting software Mint). The Quickbooks ProAdvisor designation must be renewed annually. Initial certification involves studying for and passing an eight-part online exam testing one's knowledge of the Quickbooks software inside and out. Upon annual renewal, candidates must take a "refresher" course on what's new in the software.

Patriot Software Certified Advisors

All payroll professionals at Boundless are licensed as Patriot Software Certified Advisors. Patriot Software is our recommended software (and the one our firm uses) to provide electronic payroll services to our clients. This software allows us to process payroll efficiently and correctly, and Patriot Payroll's customer support is continuously rated as the best in the payroll industry. To be licensed, candidates must take an exam on the software to prove knowledge of how to operate various functions.

Wave Accounting Pro Network Members

A number of our professional bookkeepers at Boundless are also members of the Wave Accounting Pro Network. While a lesser-known accounting and bookkeeping software, Wave provides bookkeeping software of a very high caliber at no cost to small businesses across the United States & Canada. Our pro network membership shows our bookkeepers' deep level of knowledge of the Wave Accounting software.

Thumbtack Pro

As a firm, Boundless is a professional member of the Thumbtack community. This membership allows our firm to further market our tax, bookkeeping, and payroll services to a wider market. In addition, to be a listed as a Thumbtack Professional, licenses and certifications must be verified, and service providers must score consistently high on customer reviews to continue to be listed on the Thumbtack website. As such, our listing as a Thumbtack Professional is proof of our thorough committment to customer and client satisfaction.

We welcome all new clients. Feel free to live chat with a Boundless Pro right now, or contact us via phone at (610) 628-9152.