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Make Sure you Don't Leave Money on the Table.

With the Boundless Tax Look2Review, we will take a second look at your tax returns if we didn't prepare them. We have found missing deductions, credits, incorrect information, and more.

Missing Deductions
We find missing deductions and credits all the time, saving our clients more money!
Incorrect Information
Sometimes tax professionals omit or erroneously enter key information.
No Cost & Risk-Free
If we don't find anything, there's no fee. If we do, we will talk about filing an amended tax return.

What Happens in a Look2Review?

Report additional income
Claim missed deductions or credits
Change your filing status
Adjust your number of dependents

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, don’t worry—we’re here to help. You are likely able to file an amended return to add deductions and other details that may have been missed during your first attempt—which is what our Look2Review is all about. After your original 1040 tax return has been filed, that information can only be changed by filing an amended return on Form 1040-X. This can be used to correct or supplement any information on Form 1040. Using Form 1040-X, you can make any or even all the following changes depending on the situation:

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