The Federal Tax Deadline has been extended to May 17, 2021. Most states & municipalities are following.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions.

Boundless Tax® will always take the time to answer your questions, so we figured we would put together a list of the most frequently asked questions here.

Enrolled Agent (EA) is a prestigious designation from the Internal Revenue Service. EAs must pass a rigorous examination, a background check, and meet lengthy annual continuing professional education requirements. That’s why EAs account for less than 10 percent of all tax practitioners – and are considered a cut above the rest. By selecting an Enrolled Agent to handle your taxes, you are assured a superior level of taxation expertise – so you can be confident of thorough, insightful service and uncommon professionalism that makes a real difference.

Anyone can verify our professional licensure by going to the IRS website here and looking us up.

We want to know why you want to switch and we assure you those reasons will not reoccur! Here are some of the reasons we will become a trusted advisor:

  • We are not tax return preparers. We prepare tax returns as part of our professional services.  Our core activity is helping clients manage their wealth intelligently.

  • Our services include pre-year end projections and monitoring during the year. We are available for calls and meetings as the need arises during the year.

  • We are always accessible and available.

  • We manage the tax payment process year-round.

  • We try to understand the underlying reasons for our clients’ reasons for their financial configuration and review it from the tax aspect as well as stated goals and their financial security feelings as determined by the client.

  • Preparing a tax return is filling in numbers on a form. Tax planning is a creative and innovative process that requires understanding the client’s entire situation, needs, desires and integrating it to help the client maintain or improve their wealth based on their goals.

  • We want to be the first person you contact when considering anything new in the financial area. Our initial meetings for each new project or proposal is without any additional charge.

  • We will set a fixed fee in advance based on the value of the services to you.

  • You will be getting a professional financial service backed by the resources of our profession and firm along with the knowledge and experience, and judgment ability of the partners and support staff working on your financial affairs.

We are here for you twelve months a year, not just during tax season.

Whether you have a simple tax question, need advice on the tax implications of a business decision, or want clarification on a government notice, feel free to give us a call. We also prepare tax returns year-round, so even if your return is extended or you may have missed the deadline - we're still here!

We maintain a policy of the strictest confidence concerning our clients’ affairs. You can rest assured that no one will learn about your business or tax status – even relatives, associates or friends who might have referred you to us.

The Enrolled Agents at Boundless Tax advise, represent, and prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and other entities with tax-reporting requirements. Enrolled Agents’ expertise in the continually changing field of taxation enables them to effectively represent taxpayers audited by the IRS. Our firm’s seasoned professionals are experts in all areas of taxation.


  • Individual returns
  • Business returns
  • Nonprofit returns
  • Payroll tax returns
  • Excise tax returns
  • State sales tax returns
  • State Nexus issues
  • State tax registration
  • Tax calendars
  • Tax audits and examinations
  • Tax agency notices
  • Household employee compliance
  • Penalty abatement
  • Income tax Planning
  • Tax projections
  • Transactional planning
  • Entity selection
  • Financial planning
  • Family budget counseling
  • State domicile and residency planning
  • Children’s education funding planning
  • Research and development credit analysis
  • Being available to discuss contemplated transactions regardless of whether there is a tax element

Because of their expertise in taxation, the Enrolled Agents at Boundless Tax are well-suited to provide tax planning services. The best way to enhance your tax position is with careful planning – to ensure you will be prepared when tax time rolls around. Our firm offers a full range of planning services including, but not limited to:

  • Income tax Planning
  • Tax projections
  • Transactional planning
  • Entity selection
  • Financial planning
  • Financial services
  • State domicile and residency planning
  • Children’s education funding planning
  • Research and development credit analysis

Boundless Tax is proudly headquartered in Pennsylvania. However, our tax professionals generally enjoy work-from-home capabilities, since they are completing returns virtually.

We do make some exceptions to our virtual tax preparation services for those in our local area, but these exceptions are generally clients who have been with Boundless Tax since before we switched to a completely virtual business model.

Please see the licenses page to view information about all the licenses our professionals hold.

Please see the awards page to view information about all the licenses our professionals hold.

Not at all! Our pricing applies regardless of filing status. Whether your single, married, head of household, or a surviving spouse, it's all the same.

Yep! Whether you itemize your deduction or take the standard deduction (like over 90% of taxpayers do), our pricing remains the same.

Sure is! For our individual clients, our pricing includes a Federal 1040 return, one state return, and one local return all for one price. If you have to file in more than one state, additional state returns are just $49 each.

For business clients, one state return is included. Additional states or necessary local returns are $99 each.

There are no other required fees. We only offer two optional fee-added services: (1) mailing paper copies of your returns to you incurs an $8.95 mailing fee, and (2) deducting your tax preparation fees from your Federal tax refund, which incurs a $20 additional fee that our bank charges us.

Yes! Our services include a complimentary pre-recorded video review of your tax returns from your tax expert. These are a brief overview of your unique tax situation, and are generally about 10-15 minutes long.

We use a secure client portal for everything. You'll start by answering some questions and uploading documents here. Then, you'll review, sign & pay here as well. You can even securely message your tax expert anytime.

You do! It's actually the law! We will upload electronic copies of your tax returns to the secure portal. Your login is yours forever, so your returns are always available. If you would like copies mailed to you, there is just a small $8.95 charge to cover the cost of postage.

An IRS-licensed Enrolled Agent prepares and reviews your tax returns. Our tax experts all have years of experience and adhere to stringent continuing education requirements. This means they're knowledgeable on the latest developments in tax rules and regulations.

Everyone has two options here. You can pay online via credit/debit card in the secure client portal, or you can elect to have our tax preparation fees deducted from your Federal tax refund (if you are receiving one). An additional $20 fee applies to deduct our fees from your refund.
We sure are! We no longer hold in-person meetings, so you'll only ever virtually meet your tax expert. We have invested heavily in secure technologies to offer our services 100% online. And all of our tax experts work from the comfort of their own home, keeping them safe as well.
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