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Frequently Asked Questions

It's Okay to Have Questions!

For specific tax questions, our licensed tax experts are here for you every step of the way.

Does it matter if I'm single or married?
Not at all! Our pricing applies regardless of filing status. Whether your single, married, head of household, or a surviving spouse, it's all the same.
Is my state or local return included?
Sure is! Our pricing includes a Federal 1040 return, one state return, and one local return all for one price. If you have to file in more than one state, additional state returns are just $49 each.
How are my taxes done totally online?
We use a secure client portal for everything. You'll start by answering some questions and uploading documents in this secure portal. Then, you'll review, sign & pay there as well. You can even securely message your tax expert anytime.
Do I get a copy of my tax returns?
You do! It's actually the law! We will upload electronic copies of your tax returns to the secure portal. Your login is yours forever, so your returns are always available. If you would like copies mailed to you, there is just a small $8.95 charge to cover the cost of postage.
How do I pay for my tax returns?
Everyone has two options here. You can pay online via credit/debit card in the secure client portal, or you can elect to have our tax preparation fees deducted from your Federal tax refund (if you are receiving one). An additional $20 fee applies to deduct our fees from your refund.
Can I itemize my deductions?
Yep! Whether you itemize your deduction or take the standard deduction (like over 90% of taxpayers do), our pricing remains the same.
Are my returns reviewed with me?
Yes! Our services include a complimentary pre-recorded video review of your tax returns from your tax expert. These are a brief overview of your unique tax situation, and are generally about 10-15 minutes long.
What other fees do you charge?
There are no other required fees. We only offer two optional fee-added services: (1) mailing paper copies of your returns to you incurs an $8.95 mailing fee, and (2) deducting your tax preparation fees from your Federal tax refund, which incurs a $20 additional fee that our bank charges us.
Who prepares my returns?
An IRS-licensed Enrolled Agent prepares and reviews your tax returns. Our tax experts all have years of experience and adhere to stringent continuing education requirements. This means they're knowledgeable on the latest developments in tax rules and regulations.
Is Boundless Tax COVID-safe?
We sure are! We no longer hold in-person meetings, so you'll only ever virtually meet your tax expert. We have invested heavily in secure technologies to offer our services 100% online. And all of our tax experts work from the comfort of their own home, keeping them safe as well.

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