Filing taxes is a life event that brings stress. To ease the burden that filing taxes can become, you may find it beneficial to employ the services of a professional tax preparer. It is important that you choose your tax professional wisely. Here are three reasons you should choose a tax preparer who pays strong attention to detail.

More Likely to Go Above and Beyond

The Hire Talent explains that attention to detail is defined as “the desire or willingness to do the minute yet important aspects of a task.” This can be said another way: Tax preparers that pay attention to detail are more likely to go beyond what is expected in terms of service.

Basketball legend Julius Erving was once asked about the secret to his success. He replied that his philosophy was to demand more of himself than anyone had a right to expect. This is the same type of attitude that you want from your tax preparer. The right person won’t be satisfied until they know the job has been done right.

When it comes to taxes, adequate services are not enough. You could probably do an adequate job yourself. The reason that you choose a tax preparer is that you expect them to exceed your own abilities or the abilities of the competition. 

Less Likely to Make Mistakes

Tax preparers who pay attention to detail are far less likely to make mistakes on a tax return. This is why it’s essential to look for applicants with high attention to detail. Job Interview Tools recommends to find interview questions that can help you determine someone’s attention to detail. Never forget that there is a human element involved here. Even the best tax professionals can make an error. Paying attention to detail means that a tax preparer will catch that error and fix it before your return goes to the IRS. (Boundless prides itself on this!)

You’ll also find that many tax preparers are willing to stand behind their work with a guarantee. They should be willing to amend a return if necessary.

They’re Cost-Effective

Let’s face it, mistakes on your tax return can cost you a lot of money. Sure, some commercial tax preparers offer guarantees against mistakes that incur additional tax debt. That doesn’t include the money out of pocket that you will spend trying to get the matter resolved.

You may wind up paying a little bit more for a tax professional who pays strong attention to detail. QuickenLoans suggests that the savings that you could reap by hiring the right financial counselor will more than compensate for the added expense.

Taxes don’t have to be stressful. The right tax preparer will work with you to make sure that your returns are correct, and their attention to detail will give you greater peace of mind. You should do your research and find the best tax preparer that you can.

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